The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) is the only national body responsible for carrying out accreditation of:

  • Calibration laboratories,
  • Proficiency testing service providers,
  • Producers of certified reference materials,
  • Testing laboratories, which includes:
    • Medical,
    • Veterinary,
    • Forensic,
    • Pharmaceutical,
    • Chemical and Microbiological,
    • Physical and Mechanical,
    • Blood transfusion services,
  • Verification laboratories,
  • Inspection bodies,
  • Certification bodies,
  • B-BBEE rating agencies.

Any other type of body that may be added to SANAS’ scope of activity.

SANAS is also recognized as the national body to monitor GLP / GCP compliance with the principles adopted by the OECD for GLP facilities or the VICH principles of GCP.

SANAS Responsibility

SANAS is responsible for carrying out accreditations in respect of conformity assessmentas mandated through the Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration and Good Laboratory Practice Act (Act 19 of 2006).

We are directed and legally represented by a Board of Directors whose members are appointed by the Minister of Trade and Industry.

The Board delegates to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SANAS the responsibility to implement the SANAS policies and objectives. The CEO delegates decisions concerning the granting, extending, suspending or withdrawing of accreditation to the Approval Committee Chairperson.

SANAS operates in accordance with the requirements, criteria, rules and regulations laid down in the following documents:
  • The Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration and Good Laboratory Practice Act, 2006 (Act 19 of 2006);
  • The requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 17011: Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Accreditation Bodies Accrediting Conformity Assessment Bodies;
  • The requirements as stipulated in the various Memorandums of Agreement with the international bodies and the national regulatory bodies.
  • Provide accreditation support for industrial development and the protection of the health and safety of the public and the South African environment;
  • Promote the acceptance of SANAS-accredited results nationally and amongst global partners to advance South Africa’s trade and economic development objectives;
  • Support regional integration and relations to advance South Africa’s trade, industrial policy and economic development objectives; and

Improve SANAS’s operational efficiency to deliver services with a spirit of excellence