Knowledge Transfer Services (KTS)

Introduction to Knowledge Transfer Services (KTS)
The SANAS Knowledge Transfer Services (KTS) has been providing training services for over 13 years. Our course facilitators, who are also qualified assessors, have experience in training and a wide scope of technical fields. This enables them to share first-hand experience on accreditation activities and best practices during the presentation of courses.
The knowledge and experience of our course facilitators, experts and accreditation Field Managers ensure our ability and capability to provide courses in all our current accreditation and emerging fields. Our courses are designed and continually improved to ensure value to our clients and their organisations.

The department provides training services in a form of:
• Scheduled courses at SANAS premises;
• Provincial-regional courses;
• In-house courses nationally and internationally.

Our services have over the years covered various countries such as Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Mauritius, Swaziland, Seychelles and Egypt to name but a few.

Our course design and delivery approach is focused on the following:
• Achieving impact in knowledge transfer and skills development as per organisational objectives;
• Ensuring that our courses are not just a passing event and delivered to address current and future desired results;
• Promoting personal responsibility for knowledge discovery and skills development;
• Customising of courses to the level of candidates to ensure value;
• Customising of courses to the level of candidates to ensure value;
• Interactive and participative training methods are used to ensure outcomes-based approach and enable practical implementation of learning points;
• Guaranteed partnership and future guidance on problem solving and knowledge transfer for all candidates at no additional cost, provision, sharing and facilitation of knowledge base network with past candidates.

It is therefore our commitment to ensure that all candidates attending our courses obtain knowledge and skills that add value towards their accreditation and business sustainability.